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How IP Camera Technology is Changing the Way We Secure Our Home and Business


One piece of technology that I first saw more than a decade ago and is gaining significant traction in the marketplace as the go-to solution for securing ones’ home or business is the all-powerful IP Camera. Often referred to as Internet Cameras, Network Cameras or in our case simply Wi-Fi or Cloud Cameras, these compact cameras connect easily to a home or business network to simultaneously capture and stream video to virtually any device one chooses to view from.
So why is this technology taking off in such a big way now considering the core functionality has been around for so long? Well, as with most technology advancements, other factors needed to come into play to really help it zoom. In this case, the emergence of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets has been the biggest growth driver. Where original cameras could only be seen on a PC, having powerful visual displays in one’s pocket with the ability to tap into a camera feed from anywhere is an amazing thing and became the “ah ha” moment for many to truly understand the power of what IP camera technology can deliver.  Sure other advancements such as Wi-Fi inclusion, ease of installation and adding pan/tilt capability are also helping this technology advance but none can rival the impact of mobile viewing via everyone’s favorite device from wherever they are in the World. We even have a Windows phone app in addition to iOS and Android just to ensure we’re enabling as many users as possible.
When we ask home owners what they’re using our cameras for we consistently see home monitoring (or security or surveillance) at the top of the list, other uses such as keeping an eye on kids and pets trailing a bit behind the peace of mind knowing your home is secure.  For families looking to add protection from intruders, IP cameras act as a great deterrent but more importantly give family members a way to always know (and even see and hear) what’s going on in or around their home from anywhere.
We see that most of our customers are pointing cameras at the front door but we also see them being put all around the home for added protection.  With recent advancements in weather-proofing we enable users to put their cameras out in the elements to keep an eye on yards and entryways with products like our newly introduced Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera.
On the business front, 2014 is forecasted to be the tipping point, the year where IP camera technology overtakes traditional CCTV (or analog camera) technology for securing business environments. This isn’t surprising when you look at the flexibility and slew of additional features an IP-based camera surveillance solution can bring compared to its rival. Not to say there isn’t a place for each, but the writing is on the wall and business and integrators looking for premise security are moving more and more towards IP.
The future is bright for these feature-rich cameras and they look to play very big into the “Internet of Everything” where they can be the eyes and ears of ones’ truly connected home.