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Application Trends of IP Camera

Ethernet technology is mature, broadband information network to an Ethernet port extends throughout the building , in addition to providing high-speed Internet access , but also to replace coaxial transmission line image , the real-time image into the broadband information network monitoring applications , which makes information networks instead of the traditional CCTV has become a necessity.

With digital video compression technology has become more sophisticated , the popularization of the computer , create the conditions for PC-based multimedia monitor . PC- based multimedia surveillance system more powerful , but the main problem to solve small-scale surveillance. When the transmission distance or need Internet , the PC -based multimedia monitor the stability is not good enough , high -power, need someone on duty , open software is not good. This provides a stage for network-based and embedded network video surveillance technology .

Ordinary cameras and network cameras integrated network switches , the image is converted to packets based on TCP / IP networking standard , so that the camera captured images sent directly to the network via RJ-45 Ethernet interface. Through the network to the remote monitor screen .

Network camera uses the most advanced camera technology and network technology, with powerful features. Built-in software enables true plug and play , so that eliminates the need for users to complex network configurations ; images built-in large capacity memory to store pre-trigger alert ; built-in I / O ports and external communication port for easy expansion peripherals such as: access control systems, infrared sensors , full head and so on. Providing packages (SDK) to facilitate the user to quickly develop application software.